CouchSurfers in Istanbul organize legendary partyv


They’ve done it again.

After a Boat Party on the Bosphorus, we thought Couchsurfers in Istanbul would settle and relish their awesomeness. They didn’t.

Instead they started planning a bigger event. They had a good reason to make this one memorable: it was their 200th meeting and it was Halloween.

City ambassador Anil Sethi, the man behind Istanbul’s largest events, put together this legendary party for over 1,000 people in just 10 days.

“Organizing an event in Istanbul isn’t easy. People expect a lot. So I try to choose a great place and bargain to get discounts. By now, every bar owner in Taksim knows me. They say they’ve never met an Indian guy who bargains so much. Now, instead of giving us a price, they ask us what would be a good price for the community.”

For Istanbul’s 200th meeting, Anil bargained with DJs, photographers, venue owners and security services until he got the costs to less than $1 per person. 

“My biggest incentive is having people tell me that they really enjoyed the party and are looking forward to the next one,” says Anil.

The next one is already scheduled for December 31st. Anil expects 1,500 to 2,000 Couchsurfers to show up for New Year’s Eve.