About Two Girls: The Couchsurfing Story of Lucy and Doris

Five years ago Doris Fin traveled to Thailand and stayed with Lucy, a 69-year-old retired American, who opened her home and her heart to Doris three times in three months.

Lucy and I in 2008

It’s 7am, and I Lucy and I are chatting away as usual.

We’ve kept in touch ever since that first visit. On my way to India from Bali this past December, she invited me to come and visit her again in Thailand.

"Oh Doris you’re so close, just come and visit!"

So I did.

It was the first time I had ever revisited the same country and revisited a friend. This was six months ago and I’m still in Thailand and I’m still at Lucy’s.

Lucy and I today

Lucy is now 74 and has hosted over 200 Couchsurfers. She is absolutely amazing. We’ve shared life stories and eaten many meals together. We’ve spent birthdays and holidays together. We’ve gone for walks and over time have really blossomed.

I’m so grateful to her and her invitation. Thanks to Lucy I started my blog  and self published a vegan and mostly raw recipes into a book Feed Your Bliss. I’ve inspired her in the kichen and she’s inspired me to stay committed to writing and travel.

Thank you Couchsurfing for being the catalyst to many of my heart warming, potent journey connections.

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