Help an old dawg learn a new birthday trick!


This old dawg is not good at celebrating birthdays, but as I’ve just moved  and it’s a new beginning with new friends, I am going to make an effort. So please help me celebrate my 33rd birthday on Sunday. (Because on Monday I turn 34 years old, which is not as nice as 33.)

There will be balloons! Costumes! Puppies! Musical instruments! Cheesecake! As long as you bring them… This will be a potluck picnic.

I do promise to take care of some things. For example, I have an acoustic guitar. But I don’t have a puppy, so please bring one. Thank you.

Everyone is welcome. Yes, that means you. I am inviting friends and friends of friends and Couchsurfers and possibly just random people.

Dolores Park seems like the standard awesome location but I know it can get packed on a nice day, so watch for location and time changes. I will post more information as soon as I have a grasp of how many are planning to make it.

Jonathan Ben-Nun

In San Francisco? Join this event.

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