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Family Couchsurfing with Bruno | Couchsurfing News Blog ]

“My wife and I hope is that he will learn from the experiences he lives through Couchsurfing to be curious and to respect all the wonderful cultures and people that live in the world.”

~ Couchsurfing Ambassador Filippo on Couchsurfing with his son, Bruno

Family Couchsurfing with son Bruno

The Alboth family of Couchsurfers in Berlin, Germany, describe what they love about being a Couchsurfing family:

Most of them immediately get in contact with [our daughters] Hanna and Mila. Most of them, knowing before where they will stay, were bringing little gifts for them. Little dolls from other corners of the world. It’s all a bit like having the whole world in your flat, even when you don’t travel.”

Read more about their many Couchsurfing experiences on their blog!

Couchsurfing Route 66 as a Family: In the Wild with Alex


NameAlex Woolf
Role: Senior iOS Engineer
Where to? Kingman, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada
Couchsurfing makes a me a better… father

Read Alex’s story about Couchsurfing with his son, Chance, both on a Las Vegas farm and through one of our smallest communities»

Couchsurfing with Families

Barbara, who works on our Community Support team, is a mother of two and a long-time Couchsurfer who, more than anything, loves to meet other Couchsurfing families. So this summer she went to the International Family Weekend in Poland.


During the weekend Barbara and her family saw wild bison, learned to hand-make bracelets and picked mushrooms, on top of meeting other fascinating families from around the world.

Barbara’s favorite memory though was sitting by the fire with everyone each night, swapping stories and sharing their lives.




"Couchsurfing makes me a better mother", says Barbara. Before Poland’s Family Weekend she spent time Couchsurfing in Indonesia. Her entire family climbed a volcano, ate grilled snake and took a four-day fishing trip. But her favorite memory was her three-year-old son returning from a motorbike trip with his father, their other son, aged 1, strapped in a baby carrier on her husband’s back.

We think Couchsurfing and hosting are great ways for families to learn about the world together. To get started, read our Family Tips page or watch the video below.

Many thanks to Eric and Iwona for the photos!