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A Couchsurfing Wedding

A letter we received from Couchsurfer Julien.


We decided to write you this letter to tell our story that happened thanks to Couchsurfing.

My wife, Anna, lived in Russia and worked as a guide in a UNESCO biosphere preserve. One day she decided to leave for France to continue studying. In June 2012, at the end of her stay, she decided to make a trip around Europe. On her way back from Madrid Eurolines obliged her to go via Bordeaux to get to Amsterdam. French Sunday (nothing happens on Sundays in France) canceled her journey to Amsterdam.

Anna send out a few Couchrequests. I accepted to host her. We got to know one another from 19h00 to 04h00, nine hours before her departure to Amsterdam. That August, I decided to go to Russia to spend my holidays there. After two round trips from Bordeaux to Petropavlovsk in November and December 2012, we decided to get married to give a chance to this feeling of love we wanted to share.

On the 14th of February I married Anna Petrovna Panasyuk and I became the happiest man in the world! 

If one day you decide to come to this beautiful city, you know who you may contact. It would be our pleasure to welcome you. A big cheer for this project and thanks to each member who works on this website.


Julien Daubert-Panasyuk