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Couchsurfing Book Release Party in San Francisco

In the summer of 2008, Evan Kenward, along with two friends, embarked on a road trip to take part in this age-old American adventure. When the car broke down in California, Evan’s friends ended the trip and returned home. Evan kept going.

Via cars, buses, boats, friends and strangers, he made it up the Pacific Northwest and through Canada. Through this experience, he discovered Couchsurfing. It changed his perspective on travel, life and human interaction on a larger, more meaningful scale. He was so affected by not only Couchsurfing, but his entire trip, that he wrote a book about it. 
After five painstakingly glorious years, he’s finished that book. And he wants to celebrate with Couchsurfers, the folks who made it all happen!  So if you “go to bed at night dreaming about leaving your comforts,” you  might enjoy his book, Young Wanderlust.

And if you happen to be in San Francisco on October 11th, join him (and a few folks from CouchsurfingHQ) at the book release party at Anchor Brewing Company!

CS Milan holds massive event this weekend


This weekend, one of Europe’s biggest Couchsurfing events returns for its seventh incarnation.

Milan007 promises to bring hundreds of Couchsurfers to the streets, with parties and picnics galore. The festival starts on Thursday and goes until Sunday, with the main events —the legendary Tram Party (already sold out!) and a night party —scheduled for Saturday.

If you’re nearby and want to join in the action, hurry up and check out the event page!



The Couchsurfing community in Dammam organized a tea beach and grill party!

The Couchsurfing community in Dammam organized a tea beach and grill party!

Happening today - Aug 22 


In Beijing: Couchsurfing Party. 8:30pm. FREE.

Couchsurfing: Share Your Meal

Is there anything better than a good meal with a Couchsurfer? Learning to cook a new dish or sharing a meal even if you don’t share a language can be one of the most rewarding travel experiences.

Check out these four photos below and the meals they shared with other Couchsurfers! Want to see your photo featured here? Follow us on Instagram and tag your photo with #CSshareyourmeal


'Bakso kosong' homemade meat ball soup. The famous Java food. 
~ via


Tacos made from scratch made by real Mexicans for a Couchsurfing group dinner comprised of German, American, British, Welsh, and Chinese people in Berlin.
~ via wanderlusttour 


Picture from yesterday! We made dinner and fruit salad with our amazing host Roland. Thanks for showing is the city of Hamburg and making us feel like home!

~ via goshh12


I think my couch surfer is enjoying the American food. 

~ via planetstandby

Help an old dawg learn a new birthday trick!


This old dawg is not good at celebrating birthdays, but as I’ve just moved  and it’s a new beginning with new friends, I am going to make an effort. So please help me celebrate my 33rd birthday on Sunday. (Because on Monday I turn 34 years old, which is not as nice as 33.)

There will be balloons! Costumes! Puppies! Musical instruments! Cheesecake! As long as you bring them… This will be a potluck picnic.

I do promise to take care of some things. For example, I have an acoustic guitar. But I don’t have a puppy, so please bring one. Thank you.

Everyone is welcome. Yes, that means you. I am inviting friends and friends of friends and Couchsurfers and possibly just random people.

Dolores Park seems like the standard awesome location but I know it can get packed on a nice day, so watch for location and time changes. I will post more information as soon as I have a grasp of how many are planning to make it.

Jonathan Ben-Nun

In San Francisco? Join this event.

We had such a fantastic time celebrating the 14th anniversary of when was first registered. Over 150 Couchsurfers visited us at CSHQ for music, food and great conversation!

Big thanks to The Family Crest, a local band, who gave us a pop-up show during the party.