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Stay curious, ask more questions.
Photo by eriktorner

Stay curious, ask more questions.

Photo by eriktorner

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned from a Couchsurfer?

How to play the didgeridoo. ~DelBhoyHyslop

You really don’t know a place until you know the locals. ~Omara Fuks

Daniel taught me how to take my bike on the bike escalator. So Dutch. ~Marteen Lemma

How to build a housewall just with beer cartons. ~Jolly Roger

How to make and eat Bavarian pancakes! ~Miriam S.

Beer with peppermint is damn good. ~amandawho

That travelers have a greater appreciation for the little things that most natives seem to miss. @AdamYosef

What time or place would you most like to travel back to and experience?

Paris in the 1920’s!! ~Emma Martin 

Either Woodstock, or NYC in the 1920’s. ~Emily Metzler 

London… Henry VIII Kingdom. Axel de la Torre 

Haight Ashbury in the 60’s ~April Lofgren 

Travelling through Asia with Marco Polo ~João Gomes 

5th c. BCE Ancient Mediterranean! Colchis, Persia…so many places! ~Lindsay Prazak

Italy during the Renaissance. ~Leti Vallejo 

Cleopatras couch. ~Elisa Fitzgerald 

Quiero un sofa en el espacio estelar! ~Celia Karina San Felipe

The most amazing thing I saw during my travels was ________?

The host who took me on a tour of the history of prostitution in Paris. Wouldn’t have discovered it on my own. ~Molly McCluskey

birthday party inside a subway station in Berlin. The DJ and the booze were included. ~José Alberto García 

The sky at night in the Sahara desert. ~Caroline Audebert 

The Night Sky full of stars above the Mayan ruins of Tikal, Guatemala. ~Michael Schmid 

A person I loved. ~Matías Figliola

A family in the middle of the Andes living satisfied and happy without electricity or warm water. ~Greta Tüdeldü