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Our Community Manager Martina spoke with Travis of the travel podcast Extra Pack of Peanuts about travel safety, common sense, and the most interesting Couchsurfing stories she’s ever heard!

9 Tips for Safe Couchsurfing - Hippie in Heels ]

Rachel, the Hippie in Heels Couchsurfer, shares her 9 tips for safer surfing. What would you add to her list?

Couchsurfing Safety Tips

We asked fans of our Facebook page, “Imagine your little sister/best friend/celebrity crush/favorite pet were about to go on their very first Couchsurfing adventure… What advice would you give them about safety?”

Here’s what you said…

Remember your toothbrush, don’t be afraid of new things, stay positive, keep safe, make good clear choices, be polite, and try everything. Oh, and get a map and a buddy.” ~Chelsea Evans

Don’t ruin your couchsurfers couch by scratching on the leather. (cat)
I’d really prefer if you’d stay in my bed.. ah.. couch. (Benedict Cumberbatch)
Stay away from people you don’t feel comfortable messaging and male Couchsurfers who only host females. (BFF)
I’d really prefer if you’d stay with female Couchsurfers only, you’re only 18! (little cousin, I don’t have a little sister). ~
Chris Tine 

Let somebody else know where you gonna stay. It made my mum a little bit more relaxed. ~Katrin Meyer 

Go with a group your first time, communicate several times with the host before heading out on your trip, and meet up for coffee or a meal prior to heading straight to their home/apartment. ~Tyler Robb 

Fill your profile, don’t mess with empty profile, read references, follow your instinct. ~Olivier Charvet 

Do not drink too much. ~Iljas Atyrov 

Always have a plan B. My personal experience: when during my journey I get hosted by a CSer who proves very honest and trustworthy (and we become friends), I keep in touch with them for the rest of my trip and let them know where I am. ~Riccardo Onofri Fasani 

Feedback feedback feedback. ~Will Aquino 

Be sure that at least two people have contact information for your Couchsurfing hosts. As a woman who likes to travel alone, I know it’s okay to refuse a host if I’m uncomfortable in any way. I’ve put out emergency calls to local Couchsurfers when I received poor or uncomfortable experience from hosts and everything worked out. It’s a strong community! ~Lyndsay Curtisaurus