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Week 4 on the road for the Mongol Rally. Video by Dan Murphy.

Verification! What is it?

Shall we let the beautiful Malia explain it for us? Watch the video above for all the fun details and get verified here.

I was eighteen when I had my first Couchsurfing experience in Australia.

It kinda became a really big thing in my life and changed me in a great way. I wanted to give something back to the community and motivate people to join the project and start hosting. I decided to make a film about it.

Couchsurfing means international culture exchange - I did not have enough time and money to go to every country in the world to interview people by myself. To solve this problem I asked people to record a video with a camera of their choice.

I did this interview with a lot of people from different countries all over the world. In the end I put them together into a lovely charming film!

This is the result, enjoy!

Rebecca Rütten

The first week of this crazy adventure sees me burning through Western Europe at great speed, with Ben, a French Couchsurfer living in London, riding shotgun from the start line all the way to Serbia. Dave, the 2006 Suzuki Alto I’m driving has handled the first leg of the trip well, eating up the German Autobahn and the backroads of Brussels with ease, proving that getting lost and meeting new people is part of the adventure.

~ Dan Murphy, on the road as part of the Mongol Rally!

We love this video by Eileen Newman about her Couchsurfing trip across the United States. Thanks for sharing with us Eileen!

An awesome video made by @HTGlobe where she answers reader questions about hostels, Couchsurfing, hitchhiking and travel challenges along the way.

Thanks Kristen for the shout out and the love!

We don’t care if the Harlem Shake is sooo February 2013, we think this video of Couchsurfers in Italy doing their own version is adorable.

> Harlem Shake durante la Festa del Fuoco: Solstizio d’Estate.

Couchsurfing Road Trip - Day 1

Remember Jon and Ron? The guys road tripping up the east coast of America and Couchsurfing the whole way?

Well, the boys have been releasing a few videos on each day of their trip. We love their quirky experiences in the short videos below!

I’ve started to think that Couchsurfing is shaping my personality. There are less rough edges.

My girlfriend and I asked people in Vilnius if they were willing to answer a few questions about Couchsurfing. Turns out that Couchsurfing has good press in Vilnius. Or did we accidentally pick the right people?

~ Rembrandt, Netherlands

Through the documentary GLOBAL HOME, filmmaker Eva Stotz gives a close insight into the experiences in traveling this unorthodox way.

This video just gets funnier every time we see it.